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I just purchased a Benelli M2 with pistol grip. I have been searching and reading for hours and can't find what I need. I understand what 922r is, and that US parts need to be added to the gun to make it compliant, but that is as far as it goes before everything becomes clear as mud. Some say that by adding a mag ext. is not actually replacing the magazine tube(I can only find a replacement tube available for the M4). As far as I have seen the only US replacement parts that I can find are the follower, a surefire forearm(which is out of the question), and if you were to consider an extended choke as a muzzle device.

All of those posts are a few years old. Is anyone doing anything different now? New parts available? Or are guys just running whatever they want at matches and not worrying about 922r? I would love to buck the system and say that nobody is getting pinched for it, but I bet a ton of people said and did the same thing about downloading music. Help me out here guys.

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