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Dillon is truely awesome

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Recently I got a "very good deal" on a 550b off of a different forum. It came with 6 toolheads and 7 caliber changover kits and a great price. The seller didn't mention that was missing paint (a solvent got on it), it was binding, covered with rust and the plastic parts were crumbling. I'm familiar with Dillon's no BS warrantee…SO…I put it back in the box and shipped it to them with an RMA number. 15 days later I received the press back from them. They cleaned it up, touched up the missing paint, replaced the lower frame arms, primer slides and a bunch of other parts. They also send me all new external parts and primer tubes.

The part list was alone was $145… but no cost to me. No labor or return shipping cost either. Now that's a warrantee! Buy Dillon without reservation!

Now I've got a nearly new 550b that completes my Dillon collection (have a 650 and 1050 too). This one will be dedicated for big primers.

Got to love Dillon!cheers.gif

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