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Walther SP22


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Hello All,

I searched on the forum for info about the SP22, in particular the M4. I am looking at trying one for the Steel Challenge and wanted to see if anyone else has tried one and what experience you have with it. Has anyone tried to adjust the trigger? I read that the trigger is adjustable but I didn't see any instructions on it thus far. What about reliability? Particular ammo that it likes/dislikes? Yes, I have a 22/45 and a Buckmark but I'm looking to try something else. Not really interested in the 41 although it's a great gun. Any info would be appreciated.

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Hi Judge,

Nope, I decided not to buy it since a google search turned up the same thing about the trigger and that's pretty important to me. I finally decided to go with a S&W M41 and I'm pretty happy so far. Still have a few issues to work out but with the amount of people who have them and after-market items available, I should be good with this.

I really do like the M4 the best and still might pick one up one day but for now, I'm going to stick with my M41 and Buckmark for Steel Challenge.

Good luck with it and let us know how it works out for you!

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