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  1. They run a steel challenge match there at least once a month that is fun. When I shot it it was 6 stages as well the only thing I would say is that the bonus targets he had set up were basically like a make or break target because they were worth 10 seconds each. At the time my sights were a touch off on the first stage so I was trying to play catch up the match. I plan on shooting one of his uspsa matches in the near future.
  2. Yeah I plan on doing that when I have a chance
  3. There is two ranges with about 4-5 lanes. 6 stages total though
  4. Shot my first USPSA match yesterday that happened to be an indoor match at Personal Defense in Raleigh. If you haven’t done an indoor match before know that the ventilation is kinda poor. Was hacking out black loogies all day but over all good match. By the way the shooters and md did great, made me realize how much more practice I need. Great match though had fun
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