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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks having to do extra work on an MBX mag to get it to be reliable is ridiculous for how much they cost. At this point I don't even want to really support the company anymore. Would it really be so hard for them to "condition" the mag themselves before they send it out, or check their damn followers to see if they're still rough. Don't think I'm going to be buying any more mags from them.
  2. We’ll just took one of them apart and the edges look awful considering I paid $150 per mag. The pictures are bigger than what’s allowed so here’s an Imgur link. https://imgur.com/a/tZPVelD gonna run over the edges with a bit of sandpaper, clean the tubes again, and then recheck.
  3. mags were brand new (ordered straight from the website) so they shouldn't have been messed with. I'm going to sand the edges of the followers just a tad and leave em loaded for a while. Worst case scenario I'll just order some new springs/followers.
  4. Thanks for the info! I looked on the website and didn't see anything in regards to different generations of followers. For the RIA they only offer the 9 and 40 in slide lock and non slide lock configs. Nothing said about gen 1 or 2. Really what I've been trying to determine is whether I can get away with just new followers, or if I need new springs too. I'll sand the edges of my followers a bit and see if that helps. Basically everyone here reccomended MBX mags as they are apparently no fuss and just run reliably. I currently beg to differ, but mine haven't needed any tuning yet like an STI mag, and the competition style followers don't lock the slide back without having to modify the slide stop, so I do like that.
  5. where can I find which is the correct gen follower?
  6. I dont believe so, I don't remember getting any sort of instructions on how to condition them.
  7. two matches ago was a classifier in the mud and gunk got in them, but ive taken them apart and cleaned them since then.
  8. I checked grams website and all I saw under the STI and para options were springs and followers for 9mm. Am I missing something?
  9. So I've noticed this in dry fire and messing with my mags, when I push rounds out of them the next round feeds up but slowly. In my most recent competition this bit me in the ass because I pulled the trigger, got no bang, and thought there was a different problem and instinctively went to reload instead of TRB to get another round into the chamber. I'm using the 141.25mm mags for a 40 RIA 1911. Stock guts, im thinking about ordering another set of springs and their competition followers for hopefully 20 rounds reloadable (i have the slide lock version and only get 18) however I'm wondering what causes the bullets to rise so slowly, and if the followers/springs are salvageable to use as backups or if they're just trashed after ~5 competitions. Any other followers/spring combos reccomended that dont need any mods to work fine?
  10. I just wanted to update for any having this problem, you need a regular round wire recoil spring. The flat wire spring had too small of a diameter but the other kind worked perfectly fine.
  11. Thank you so much! That does seem to be my problem, I appreciate the advice.
  12. I ordered a 13# chrome silicon recoil spring from wilson combat and it was too small (diameter wise) to fit onto my guide rod. I was wondering if anyone here had any insight on where to order from.
  13. I'm going to be shooting a RIA pro match ultra and I'm currently having an extended slide stop installed. Do you think there's enough room for an extended slide stop on the side of the holster or is the fit too tight?
  14. I've ordered my RHT holster for a gun that I couldn't find one anywhere else so It's not like I have any real choice on where else to go, but I'm curious as to what the folks here thought about the one they had. I've heard the fit can be a bit sloppy but that was only from one person, I'm just trying to figure out where my expectations should be for this holster because right now they're pretty high.
  15. From what I've seen online it looks like the range of prescriptions offered largely depends on what equipment the shop has, so I'm gonna need to do a little looking around.
  16. That's good to hear! I'm really hoping for a pair similar to the rudy project glasses, that have a swappable lens so I can change them according to the lighting. Did you have any options like that available to you, or were the frames fixed?
  17. This year I'm looking to take uspsa more seriously and figured it'd be best to invest in some actual protective shooting glasses as I've just been wearing my normal prescription glasses to matches. Nobody there has given me any s#!t about it, but I thought someone at a higher level match may. Everyone here seems to recommend rudy project and I really like some of their frames, but their RX inserts only go up to +4.00 and one of my eyes goes to +4.50. So can I buy the insert itself and have a local optometrist make the lenses? Or do I just need to go a completely different route?
  18. RIA double stack 1911. Factory mag holds 16 rounds, MBX mags hold 18. Might get some basepads for them but not sure yet.
  19. Sounds exactly what I plan on doing. A magnet to keep my make ready mag there while I'm not up on deck, or with mags on table start.
  20. I shoot limited and my mags hold 18 rounds so I normally take 4 mags to a competition but only keep 3 on my belt, and have one as a backup in case I have a basepad crack. So after load and make ready, i only have 2 mags on my belt. I'm looking at the daa racer mag pouches and think a regular racer pouch and then one with a magnet would be perfect, I could have my two mags for the stage stowed and keep my starting mag on the magnet or in my pocket. Seems going this route would take up less space on my belt as well. Any real reason to go with 3 mag pouches instead?
  21. What holster did you end up using? I've tried the holsters from blade tech for the sti edge and no luck.
  22. I recently got a RIA 1911 I plan on running in limited and I've been looking at the MBX mags. Why are they 141.25mm long? I thought the limit was 140mm? I'm assuming I could sand the basepad down a little but I don't see why they're just not 140mm.
  23. Thank you so much for all the information! Time to go through and place some orders. Would you actually recommend an extended firing pin? I'm not even sure if they are extended but I'm assuming that's why folks suggest replacing them. I know it's commonly done on CZ's to add reliability. No idea how well a stock RIA firing pin holds up compared to aftermarket offerings. the sear, hammer, and disconnector I've heard all wear fairly fast and should be replaced soon.
  24. So I've gotten my RIA pro match ultra in .40, ordered my mags and holster, and now I'm looking at parts I want to upgrade. Sights are going to be a must as I want to swap over to night sights. I believe these are novak style sights but anyone here know the measurements or how to take them? I've already ordered an extended slide stop and a 13lb recoil spring from wilson combat. What I'm really curious about is the sear, disconnector, firing pin, and safety. From wilson combat most of these parts are listed either for .45 or 9mm/.38, but no options for .40 so I'm not sure which to order. Currently in my cart is the deluxe bulletproof sear A-2 (item 314), bulletproof disconnector (item 573), and the wide competition lever thumb safety (item 6B). From my understanding most parts for a 1911 are going to require some hand fitting/tuning but I'm not sure what caliber to even order for, or if there's another site that's better suited to ordering parts for this gun from.
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