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  1. 9mm? 115 rnfmj im load 4.2+|- titegroup COAL 1.16
  2. I own the Springfield 9mm 1911 (19134L) my problems are 1st rd nose up feed , nose feed with 2nd rd on top of 1st , may jam mid-magazine 3/4/5 rd, may not LRHO/LTSL, plunk test barrel w/ sharpie marker no marks I make my own loads Barry’s 115 RNFMJ. Hogdon titegroup 4.2 GR. COAL 1.165-9 brand new pistol ~2000 rds. With 1st 1000 new factory rds these issues are slowing me down, people say to go out and buy 200 dollars in new magazines . Don’t have time and don’t think I should have to Springfield says to send it in I shoot a sig p226 and CZ 75 p01 never had above described issues . What’s the fix
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