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  1. Thanks for all the feedback!! As I thought about it I should have given you some more information. I have been reloading since 1973. My current press is a Dillon 550 which has worked very well for a good number of years. Unfortunately, I had an eye surgery in October that resulted in me losing a significant amount of vision. None the less I can still see enough to shoot steel. And, while I can see enough to reload, I’ve lost enough acuity that peering down in a brass cartridge for 3 gr of Titegroup is not productive any more. And as we all know it is possible to have a dou
  2. I currently rel 3.1 gr of Titegroup behind a 147 grain bullet. This leaves more than enough space in the case for a possible accidental double charge. I'm looking for a powder that has a greater volume and would fill the case better while meeting the same minor PF. Any suggestions?
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