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  1. What OAL where you able to load without reaming? Still waiting for mine to try
  2. Tanfoglio magazines retail at about 65 dollar here. don’t know about prices in USA
  3. Hi, I am rather new to the open pistol circus but let’s add my thoughts. I am building an open gun on a Tanfoglio limited custom. I like that it has the large frame intended for 45 ACP so I can load long 9 Major ammo. As I understand CZ does not offer that option. Both guns are solid weapons. For me the factory trigger on CZ is better than Tanfoglio (less creep). Magazines are easy to get for both here in Germany and are not overly expensive. For my SVI getting mags here is also easy but very expensive. just my 2 cents
  4. Problem solved: overtravel screw was too far in. After backing out just a bit no more problems. thank you !
  5. I just made me look like a complete idiot. you are right. I forgot that basic because I usually work with glocks. No hammer no dumb questions. can we forget I asked that?
  6. I got an older and pretty run down SVI Open in 38 Super. when dry firing trigger is excelent but when shooting often the trigger feels sluggish and very hard to pull. First I thought I had accidentally engaged the safety. This mostly happens when holding the gun in a firm grip and applying some downward pressure on the thumb safety. Simply resting my thumb on the safety lever is enough. If I keep my thumb off the safety it is happening far less often. Second thing I noticed , when dry firing and holding the trigger back I cannot cock the hammer. I pull it all the wa
  7. Thank you for your reply. I know the domina but don‘t like it’s looks. Getting a threaded standard barrel is no problem and good to hear that the Eric Comp should fit. are there any other conversion cones , maybe even for 1911 , that will fit? why I ask: the Eric comp is surely effective but I would like to try others too. like maybe those from kneeling atlas. I think they maybe more effective and surely they look far better
  8. I am quite new to open guns. For starters I bought a used and pretty rundown SVI to geht a feel for the matter. I own a Tanfoglio Limited Custom - 9mm Luger - large frame - bull barrel getting a barrel to cut and thread is no issue. i would like to keep the bull barrel. what conversion cones can I use? will the cone of the „Eric“ comp work with the LC? Is there any to get comps from kneeling Atlas to Germany? As far as I see it, our choice over here of such parts is rather limited. thank you
  9. So I am the new guy. Name is Mike, I am 45 years old, living in Mannheim / Germany. I am a firearms enthusiast since childhood, have grown up to become a competition shooter and work parttime for a firearms retailer. Full time I work in an IT department and my colleagues say: he shoots like a sniper, so result is nickname: IT-Sniper I have been reading entries in this forum for about the last 3 years and decided it was now time to join up. Hope to increase my knowledge about firearms and maybe I can answer questions others might have. regards Mike
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