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  1. Just sit it on top... I’ll try anything! Because I have been following the troubleshooting guide repeatedly and other suggestions Thanks
  2. I will, again, I must have missed something; it’s just mostly everyone discusses the primer cup not presenting under the magazine shield, but that is not my problem; that alignment seems fine as I can see it when I look down with a light; thanks for your time and help
  3. Well I did all of it and primers don’t drop until I lift that darn magazine and they fall on the slide and it’s the devil to sweep it out. I just don’t get it. When I look down the magazine shield I can see the primer cup on the slide in place. I put the magazine in the shield in that little groove, send a primer down the magazine cycle the press and nothing... it’s not like the primer is even falling behind the cup, it’s not falling out until I start to lift out the magazine.
  4. Actually this is new setup; I have not had a primer drop successfully yet. The problem has been from the beginning. I just got a response from Dillon after your post that said to do the same thing! But they did not offer the great detail you gave and it took them a week to respond . Thanks I am going to try this now. I keep doing everything by installation manual and I feel like I am just getting nowhere.
  5. This sounds like something I will try. So, Primer Slide Actuating Rod Mount is the mount at the top that Dillon gives a specific height measure for, so did you have lower it out of that range? I ask because I did not touch it and it measures whatever that measurement was 5.xx" - I am at work and don't have my manual with me. I did the vice bend trick for the rod but was ineffective at preventing the hangup of the pulley so I just replaced the rod and it is sliding fine. Thanks for your input.
  6. Yes thanks I did do that last week; made sure I aligned it with the screw; then took the whole assembly apart, discovered the operating rod was bent slightly at that time also but I have addressed both these issues; but thanks again.
  7. Small pistol Primers are not dropping out of the Magazine. This is a new XL 750 unit and the magazine tip is still fine, I have been trying on and off for 3 weeks to get this set up. **I have checked the plastic end on the primer tube on the press to see that it is not damaged, seated correctly, and is the correct tube. **If I remove the primer magazine from the housing, hold it upright on the bench, and drop one primer down into the magazine, it flows through no problem. **When I have no primers in the tube, the mechanism cycles as it should and I can see d
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