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  1. i have already replied to this topic but I do not see the post I would not have minded Leonard Nimoy as the host of Scientific American Frontiers he was Spock and I am still a big Star Trek fan and he made an appearance in a town where I once lived in As far as Alan Alda is concerned he did show his super inflated ego in his writing of MASH episodes and that he exhibited too self congratulatory for his film Seduction of Joe Tynan The character of senator Joe Tynan was too self centered his character Hawkeye considered himself as god's gift to women
  2. There were times of his over inflated ego coming through in writing MASH episodes which I believe the privilege was given to him because the show or the network was afraid to lose him The hosting of PBS scientific American frontiers could have been given to Leonard Nimoy I happen to have liked him and he made an appearance in a town where once lived in the early 1970's In reference to the Seduction of Joe Tynan it was said he was too self congratulatory Politics of anyone in show business I don't care for Oddly enough my mother didn't like Alan Alda I don't know why women adored him so much anyway except for the handsome looks during the 1970's
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