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  1. Put ~100 shells of assorted types through the gun over the past week. The only thing it choked on were the 980 FPS low recoil low noise target rounds. Other than that, all of the shells listed below fed well and were pretty accurate. I'm about 5'10 and kept the spacer in the stock. Overall, it fit me really well out of the box and was extremely soft shooting. The cast needs a little fine tuning to fit me perfectly, however, it was close enough that once I had the gun mounted I was able to stay in the gun throughout series of rapid shots with ease. The trigger is solid. It was smooth for a shotgun, did not stack and had a crisp break. As far as how the sights work out, it seemed to shoot flat. The gun wanted the mid bead lined up with the front bead and those beads lined up with the point of impact. I did not really do any accuracy testing per se, however, I am 100% confident that the gun is far more accurate than I am. The kick off stock helps...does it help as much as adding 3 or 4 lbs of mass to the gun? Physics says no, but IMO, a lighter gun is a lot more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Subjective "felt recoil" Ranking: 1) Winchester AA Low recoil low noise (1 OZ #8 shot, 980 FPS) 2) Hornady American Gunner 1 OZ reduced recoil Slug (1200 FPS) 3) Winchester AA Xtra lite target load (1 OZ #8 shot, 1180 FPS) 3) Remington Slugger managed Recoil (1 OZ Slug, 1200 FPS, Green shell) 3) Remington Slugger managed Recoil (1 OZ Slug, 1200 FPS, Blue shell) 6) Remington Gun Club Target Ammo (1 OZ #8 shot, 1185 FPS) 7) Winchester AA Heavy Target Ammo (1-1/8 OZ #8 shot, 1200 FPS) 8 ) Broadhead Dupo 28 (1 oz slug, 1460 FPS) This is somewhat subjective. Realistically, ranks 1-6 all shot extremely pleasantly.
  2. If anyone has an a400 in Southern California, I have a 1301 comp pro that we can use for comparison.
  3. Recently picked one up but have not been able to go out and shoot it yet due to quarantine :/. I was wondering if anyone had any luck swapping barrels on a comp pro yet. I picked up a 21" model and was hoping to get a longer barrel (28") for skeet. The email I received back from Beretta was a two parter that seemed somewhat contradictory. The first email said "We do not recommend attempting to install an a400 barrel onto the 1301 receiver. The only barrels approved for use on that model are the 21 and 24 inch barrels specifically made for the 1301" and the second said, "The barrels cannot interchange, the gas system will not permit it, dimensions would not permit such a change". Does anyone know what the truth is? There are a number of posts which indicate that this swap should be possible, but none with enough specifics to feel confident that I would be ordering the right second barrel.
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