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  1. Hi, Billy Mays here! Figured i would make some extra cash if i could teach myself how to edit shopping network advertisements.
  2. Finally got everything done for next season. Until something breaks or I come across something that I absolutely have to try. Turns out that no gunsmith in Finland was interested in making 30° port holes so i had to come up with something on my own. Also i was fortunate enough to buy a new barrel from a friend because our importer kept on sending the wrong barrel. I will probably post a video about the new colors next week.
  3. The barrel saga continues. One would think that there would not be any major differences between a MK-12 AS-100X, 2018 and a MK-12 AS-100S, 2017? Wrong.
  4. New barrel arrived today! It's going back tomorrow. Probably a barrel for some IP-500 model.
  5. Prematch video from Finnish shotgun nationals. Pretty much shot at my own level. Started stage 11 from the wrong side. Stage 1 had one miss, my fault not the shotgun. Had a brain freeze on stage 6. In general i forgot to shave down the fronts of the magazines wich develope a burr when used enough. This prevents the mags falling out freely if the mag is leaning forward in the magwell.
  6. I saw some guy talking about magnets on youtube a while ago so i decided to make a video about it.
  7. The adapter is printed from tool steel to match AR dimensions. Nowdays i use a Typhoon hammer and disconnector. Better quality steel used with case hardening (unlike the original hammer wtf?). Hammer shape modified a bit and springs replaced. Of course if you live in the States it would be cheaper to buy the tooth and nail drop in trigger set for example. https://www.toothandnailarmory.com/product/VR80TriggerFlat.html
  8. The option to remove the bolt assembly from the rear is niceee. It probably makes it easier to tune the recoil spring, amount of gas needed and the types of ammo it can use. Sadly i can't copy this at home because of legal stuff in Finland, but i sure as hell can do the drawings and send it to a smith.
  9. Thank you. Interesting. My new barrel is on its's way. I'm a bit worried what it will look like and how the original gas system parts will fit on to it if there has been some drastic changes.
  10. What size were the holes originally (if you have enlarged the holes) and are they in an angle towards the shooter?
  11. Had an opportunity to attend a L1 competition with the shotgun. Buckshot started it's undergassed tantrums again. I tried to catch up with the leader on the slug stage and you know how that goes. Missed shots on steel and 1 mike on a paper target. Better there than on Nationals i guess.. Tomorrows program: Testing out different buckshot cartridges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTPRWOn7Fno
  12. Thank you. It's my former clubs Practical shooting range. There are 3 "pits" side by side. I still pay my membership fee and go shooting there but i represent a different club at matches.
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