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  1. I am using vortex venom 3 mil on gen 5 G34 (also Dawson precision CoWitness sights). Have had good experiences with this optic holding zero and feel comfortable with it. Thankfully I reload so bullets are always plentiful. About to switch to Blue Bullets 124 gr TC. Have been shooting RN but some buddies have turned me onto the TC rounds and wanted to try out the Blue Bullets. If I don’t like them I will go back to RMR 124 gr TC.
  2. Hello all, wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rick and I am new to competitive shooting recently becoming a member of USPSA. I have been shooting competition leagues at my local gun club and will test my abilities in more competitive arenas. I plan to shoot is Carry Optics Division and Minor. Looking forward to learning from y’all.
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