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  1. Appreciate that...I was mulling that over too. I did see Tim (I don't know him, just saw him referenced a lot) call the RIA comp a 3/4lb cheeseburger...which is actually ok with me, recoil reduction is recoil reduction. However, I also saw there were comments/pics of pattern spread/deflection which did concern me. If I end up not liking the RIA when I get it on there, figured it would be no biggie to add a taccom to the cart when I snag the buffer recoil system.
  2. Hi guys, new to the forum...but I have read this thread in its entirety a couple times now. Been itching for a box fed semi-Auto for a long time, been eyeing the vr80 since it came out, and seems to be the only one out there a hobbyist like me could buy and have fun with right out of the box and not spend a couple grand making it reliable. Took me about 200rds before it would take anything I fed it (still didn’t like feeding the jelly hulls of Sellier & Bellot 00 Buck, but I expected that). Anyway, had this thing for about 10 days now, put 675 rounds through it in OEM dressing. Got my Hogue overmolded and adaptive tactical stock on last night. Really thought Ergo deluxe tactical grips would be the ticket for a little more robust grip on a 12ga, but they felt like I was holding an apple (I’m 6’4” with large hands, so I wasn't impressed), they found their way in to my kids toy box. Have several 9 rounders and a TnN drum that should be here by tomorrow. I don’t shoot competitively, so no need for the extended mags, and they look a bit awkward to me anyway. Overall I don’t expect this gun to be perfect at anything, but want it to function at everything pretty well and be a good jack of all trades gun. If I want to hunt with it, I will...if I want it as quasi home defense, it will be...if I want to try shooting clays with it, I will...etc etc. Have a long old style muzzle brake coming from Advanced Tactical (site apparently updated the sale mid purchase today, went from $71 to $99). Really liked the fluted barrel shroud/brake look...because I’m fancy like that. Once the buffer/spring combo is available again at Taccom, I’ll be snagging one of those and a charger handle. Optics, I have a 510c on the way, but really want to try an EasyHit PX-S2000 for simplicity, but looks like I can only order from the UK...so if anyone has a hook up, let me know. I’d post a pic but the files are too big and I haven’t hosted them anywhere yet. But to give you an idea, it looks exactly like a VR80 just with Hogue Overmolded grips and an Adaptive Tactical EX stock.
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