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  1. Hi, I've had a Remington Versamax, Zombie Green edition, since 2014 but only now looking at ways to not get my thumb jammed in the port, as I've started to enjoy the local 3Gun competitions. I just found your helpful post and video recently and was hoping to reach you on follow up questions (years later). I did exactly as you wrote, got the 9901 dremel cutting tool, practiced a bit on a few aluminum bottle caps, then went at it to modify the port. I didn't want to go the expensive route and get an M2 Benelli, then send it to TTi for that legendary, John Wick3, $1300 modification but found the DIY solution much more efficient. However, in my zeal, I didn't realize that I may have cut the follower catch. Where/what keeps the follower in place but lets the shells get loaded? Is it near the lip where the port modification is taking place? I couldn't see it in the photos. Also, I wanted to follow your suggestion on the Flex Hone set as well. What did you mean by the set? On their site, they had different silicon grades and sanding grades, which ones did you get?
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