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  1. Confirmed it is stock weight, they replied back to me. Cheers
  2. I just bought a Wolff 15lb spring to go with the Jager Heavy Guide Rod for my G34.5 MOS. I am wondering if anyone knows what the weight is of the striker spring that comes with it? I currently have the TTI Grandmaster Kit installed, which I'm also not sure what the weight is, but assuming it is 4.5lbs as thats what their individual spring is listed at.
  3. I got a Jager Heavy with 15lb spring coming in for my Gen5 G34. Only shooting factory loads right now. Anyone else have any feedback on spring weight and factory loads with the Gen5 G34? Read that it was good to go slightly heavier spring for the Gen5 since the barrel lug is now further back and the spring will have less locking force?
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