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  1. Eltee

    Thumb rest

    Tussey in Nevada put this thumb rest on for me when he mounted the C-More optic on my 1911.
  2. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were asking about my foam cheek rest.
  3. The cheek rest is from I.T.C. and you can custom fit it to your needs. You can cut the foam, which comes in three pieces, for a totally custom fit based on the height you need or if you want to put a specific bump or dent in it. http://itcmarksmanship.com/itc-cheekrest-leather-suede/
  4. I found an Eotech I used to use on my work rifle and put it on my Ruger. It sits high so I put an adjustable cheek pad on it. I will further customize the foam but it is comfy and lines up the optic well.
  5. I had a spare Eotech I used for work so I popped it on my Ruger carbine. I had to put a cheek rest on the stock to get the proper head position and weld. I may customize the internal foam some more but this combo has pretty fast acquisition. I tried one of my Aimpoint M2s but I like the Eotech a little better for this. I'll keep trying different combinations and following this thread to see what other folks use.
  6. Eltee

    New Guy

    H&K won't sell their "civilian" version of the G36 in the US (available in Canada, Europe, etc.) so mine was made out of an SL-8 which shares many internal and external parts with the G36. Went from a single stack, fixed / thumbhole stock rifle to a G36 "Light" sort of. Now it's a double stack, used of any G36 variant stock (G36k shown), and I have a couple of different carry handles, the one shown is the original with the built in red-dot plus a magnified scope (two optics handle). To make it California legal I had to had an extra muzzle brake.
  7. Eltee

    New Guy

    Hello, My name is Gary and I just registered on this site. I am a retired cop and former range instructor. I am also an FFL (home business) and make movie prop guns, etc. There is a range near my house that hosts USPSA events so I am interested in shooting those drills. I like the wealth of collected knowledge here and hope I can contribute a little. I JUST received a Ruger 9mm takedown carbine, looks like the big brother to my TacSol .22 takedown. I really like that there is so much information on this site about using that rifle in PCC. Tussey has a shop not far from me so I had him work on a Colt 1911 for me, please see pic, but Limcat is also nearby. One of my favorite rifles is my semiautomatic G36, here's a pic of me with it at the range. My work rifle was an M4 with an Eotech. Anyway, thank you for admitting me to this site and I appreciate being able to tap into the expertise and experience here.
  8. I have been looking high and low for one of those custom rails that but where the original sights are but allow use of both an optic and the original sights, mounted on to the barrel. Any leads appreciated. Thank you.
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