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  1. Himurax13, did you try https://www.lyttoncustomholsters.com/shop https://www.redhilltactical.com/ They make competition holsters.
  2. Himurax13, I have a Crossbreed OWB that lists for the full size polymer Witness and my P-S and SAR B6P fits it with no issues. Crossbreed does not offer a light bearing model, hence my post looking for one. Crossbreed makes holsters for the compact Witness's also. Theisholsters.com makes for 8 different Tangfo models (and light bearing models of holsters). Onyour6designs.com also makes for Witness's. They are out there, as I have spent hours looking for Witness holsters. Crossbreed is the only big name I have found, the rest are small one man operations.
  3. I found a site, theisholsters.com that has 8 EAA models, 2 Jerico and 2 SAR models listed for their Full Slide OWB holsters. Not sure about the other models they make, but the nicest model selection for CZ clones I have found so far. And they offer light options for this model OWB. I can't speak for their products but wanted to pass along someone offers at least one model of holster for the clones.
  4. I have gone through all of the Witness holster posts I could find and did not find what I am looking for. I want a holster that will work with my Witness WITH a TLR-1 light. I am open any kydex holster if it would work/fit but prefer OWB. Color is irrelevant. Just needs to be right hand draw. Tried at a local gun show but no one was there making holsters this time. Hopefully someone knows where to look.
  5. I got a response back yesterday from Todd Pearson and this is what he said " Thanks Ralph. Our official policy is one year parts and labor, but I have not seen a case where we did not stand behind our product if it was something due to manufacturing. " Sounds good but I wish this was in writing. It sounds like issues are few and far between from all of the SAR threads I have read on multiple forums.
  6. Cisco and Salida keeping an eye on me.
  7. I received an email from a Todd Pearson today. He asked for my guns serial number and he would add it to the data base. But he never did answer my question of how long the warranty is on the gun and who to contact/how to return the gun should it need warranty work. I asked those questions again after giving the serial number in my email.
  8. I got this information today on another site "Apparently, Sarsilmaz has yet again chosen to engage yet another Contract Importer to sell and service their lines.The ONLY contact info on the site that is still valid is the email address. Please direct ALL of your inquiries through the site email at: info@sarusa.comor use the direct form at the website: http://www.sarusa.com/form.aspxAlso note that it will probably take awhile for them to reply.Note that the Phone and Fax Numbers currently on the website are no longer valid. The Lady at the other end will appreciate not being bothered." So now we wait on more info for warranty information from Sarsilmaz......
  9. Hello all. I just purchased new a SAR B6P. But I found no warranty info in the owners manual. I contacted EAA but they have not been an importer of SAR for 3 years.So I went to sarusa.com and called the number on their site. The nice lady who answered the phone said that they (company that was importing SAR) now does not import SAR. Apparently Sarsilmaz is now handling the importing of their own guns into the US based on what this person told me. The woman said I was not the first person this week to call asking about warranty information because none is available within the new gun purchase information in the gun box/paperwork.Does anyone have any numbers or email addresses to contact Sarsilmaz to register their new gun purchases?Thanks in advance for any help.
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