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  1. I almost think there’s some loctite on the splined section. Once you knock it out the first time it’s real easy every time after. Just support the receiver really well on something solid and give it a good whack
  2. It comes out the opposite way from the one with the c clip
  3. You said if you were wrong you’d come back and apologize... and you did! Hats off to you. It’s almost worth a spring send to Canada wouldn’t you say?
  4. Thanks for that. Did you find a backplate that fit? I thought the hole in the receiver was smaller than normal and wouldn’t let the backplate fit into it properly. If yours does fit, let me know where you found it. Thanks
  5. Thanks squid! Now who has a carbine spring that cut just the number of coils off that taccom suggests? I cut more than they said to
  6. Did you clean the gun first or just load up and go? When I got mine, I took everything apart. And I found metal chips throughout it along with a bunch of thick black sludge. Don’t let the quart of oil covering everything fool you. I’d break it completely down, clean everything, and start again. I’d also just run a bunch of junk birdshot through it for more brake-in. Mine didn’t like the cheap crap at first but neither did I, so me and a buddy took turns loading mags and shooting a lot of FTF, FTE, until it grew to like the cheap stuff. Then it shoots everything. Also make sure your gas ports inside the barrel don’t have any metal hanging inside the holes or barrel. You may be getting a lead cheese grater affect going on.
  7. Was there ever a measurement given on the flat wire spring?
  8. Good question. Assuming if it’s stronger than a carbine spring than it would have to be shorter than what they said to cut it to. I’ve still cut a few more coils off beyond that and everything still functions fine. Even backed out the tube a bit. Still a pain to try to lock the bolt back and use the bolt release. Considering just removing the bolt release and calling it a day.
  9. Let me rephrase...is the flat wire spring the same length and compression rate as the “cut” carbine spring? I’m asking because I’ve been trying all kinds of springs to see what if anything works better. Using the taccom buffer I’ve cut more coils off the carbine spring then taccom recommends, I’ve tried the jp silent captured spring, I’ve tried the Odin works buttstock that has an additional spring built into the cap of a rifle length tube, and all combinations above with the stock spring. I’m wondering if this spring is going to be worth trying if it is a different compression rate or if it’s just the same rate as the cut spring but made of flat wire instead. Thanks
  10. Taccom site says it will not fit factory tube, will fit commercial. So it will fit everything except the factory tube
  11. Another thing...why are some people removing the bolt release button? Is it because it’s nearly unusable or is it hanging up the last shell etc? Thanks
  12. Is the flat wire spring the same length and compression rate as a regular carbine spring? A little softer, a little shorter, etc?
  13. What was the trigger at before you polished it? Curious how many of the regulars here would buy if there was a group discount?
  14. Too bad jp doesn’t offer only the trigger...hey “Tooth and Nail” you guys do any board discounts or military discounts...anything like that?
  15. Anyone making trigger springs that work? I tried the jp springs which lightened the trigger but would not reset the trigger. Played and played with it but couldn’t get it to work right. Don’t like the price of the tooth and nail trigger. Any other options?
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