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  1. That’s racist Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I’m gonna try out the gugas.
  2. I’ve been using DAA alpha X pouches for a little over a year now and I love them. I’m considering switching over to a different platform and was considering the Gugas or the Limcat pouches, but I haven’t seen much info about the Limcats. Anybody have any any good experiences with em?
  3. 147s with 3gr TG is a nice soft shooting load with a lighter spring. I’d say get 250 of 115, 124, and 147 and experiment to see what you like.
  4. Change your springs like you’d change the oil in a car. I usually feel comfortable changing em after about 15k rounds. With springs being as cheap as they are, it’s worth it to prevent any issues you might have.
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