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  1. Hey guy's, I'm new to the Forum but I've been around on many others for years. Wanted to let everyone know about our upcoming match. Ok folks, the toughest match in the country is back! Match dates are September 14th - 16th 2018, find a teammate, and start training hard. This match is going to hurt... Lanxang Tactical is proud to bring you a match like no other. This match will test your shooting ability, stress and time management skills, ability to work together as a team, and your teams overall physical fitness. The stages you will negotiate at this match are long and designed to replicate the grueling selection programs and day-to-day range work of some the nation’s most elite military units. Teams can expect to see stages that include any or the following but not limited to: Obstacle courses, litter carry, navigation, gas masks, pushing vehicles, etc. The courses of fire will be fun for the teams but EXTREMELY demanding. So make sure your train prior and know how to hydrate in demanding circumstances. This match is not for the weak or faint hearted! You can get full details on the match website and follow us on facebook for updates and match announcements. www.purgatorysniperchallenge.com Here's a highlight video from last years match. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1k1mqwvsPQ
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