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  1. Anyone shooting a Wilson EDC X9L in ESP? Will it fit in the box?
  2. I'm shooting my first match tomorrow after a 25 year hiatus. I was reminiscing about the "old days" and seem to recall shooting a .45 ACP 1911 straight up against guys with comp guns. I don't remember there being different divisions like there are today. Of course I'm old and suffer from CRAFT Syndrome (Can't Remember A Freekin' Thing), so I could be wrong. Does anyone know if there were always different divisions?
  3. Thanks Adam. Yeah, I read the good, the bad and the ugly about Clays. Seems people either love it or hate it. I decided to give it a try, albeit reluctantly. But I bought a pound of Titegroup at the same time in case things didn't work out! I see you're in Matamoras. I live in Montgomery County but am in the process of buying a weekend place right down the road from you in Dingmans Ferry. Any good USPSA matches in the area?
  4. Hodgon's site lists two 230 loads, a full metal jacket and a lead round nose (I know to use lead bullet data with plated bullets) and both show 4.0 as max. Glad to hear I can bump it up a tenth or two to make 170. What's your experience been with ES and SD? I'm not used to seeing this degree of inconsistency with other powders.
  5. I just started experimenting with Clays and am looking for some insights. I weighed 4.0 grains (the max charge per Hodgdon) behind an X-Treme 230 grain plated round nose. Out of a 5” Wilson CQB, a 10 round string averaged 717 fps which just makes 165 PF. Four of the 10 rounds chrono’ed under 717 fps. The ES was 69 and the SD 22. The velocity seems a tad low but the ES and SD really surprised me, especially considering that I weighed (not measured) the charges. Is that level of inconsistency typical with Clays in the 45? And speaking of inconsistency, I started to load volume on my Dillon SDB and the powder measure is waffling between 3.8 and 4.2. A two tenths variation on either side seems like a lot on such a light charge, especially when 4.0 is considered max. Any concerns?
  6. Hi 57. Been a while (I've been preoccupied with a new open gun) but I finally had an opportunity to chrono some AA#5 loads. Out of a Wilson 5" CQB, 7.0 grains averaged 733 fps for a power factor of 169. ES was 34 and SD was 14. Very accurate and reliable. The only think I noticed that was out of the ordinary was the cases were a little sooty.
  7. I'm looking for a pistol rug / soft case that will fit a 2011 open gun with optics, a compensator, and a big magwell. Something with decent padding to slip into my range bag. I can't seem to find anything quite big enough. I have a couple of the Midway pistol sleeves that come with their competition range bag, but they're almost too big and have virtually no padding so the gun flops around inside and isn't protected all that well. Any suggestions?
  8. Try this. Create an account, log in, and add what you're interested in to your shopping cart. Then close your browser and walk away. I did that and received an e-mail with a discount code for 5% off. A lot of e-commerce sites do that.
  9. Hey guys. I recently got a new open gun (STI DVC), so my old Ernie Hill Speed Leather rig ain't gonna cut it. (Plus the belt seems to have shrunk quite a bit.) I've settled on a Double Alpha Alpha-X, but I've never used one of these new fangled holsters that doesn't provide any support at the sorry end. Would appreciate opinions on whether or not I should get the optional muzzle support that Double Alpha offers.
  10. Heads up. X-Treme Bullets is holding a 4th of July sale....10% off site wide and free shipping! It doesn't say how long it runs.
  11. Looking to work up a 45ACP major load using AA#5 (‘cause I already have a jug) and 230 grain plated X-Treme’s. All the starting loads I’ve found generate a power factor of 180+ which, of course, is more oomph than I need. A velocity of 739 fps will get me to 170 which provides a nice buffer. Anyone have any experience? Maybe 6.8 grains? Any problems with lighter charges of AA#5?
  12. Thanks Jack. My open gun is a 9X21 Tanfo with a triple port comp and all the bells and whistles. (I swapped out the original Aimpoint for a C-More.) Bruce Gray built it for me way back in 1990 when he was working at Behlert Precision in Pennsylvania. It was state of the art at the time and is still an outstanding example of a pistolsmith’s craft and Bruce’s skill. (I also had the pleasure of shooting with Bruce. A real gentleman, class act and all around nice guy.) Also, I recently picked up a S&W 1911e for Single Stack and IDPA. It's my first Smith 1911 (I used to own several Colts) and I'm very impressed with the quality. Nice slide/frame and barrel fit for a production gun. I did a nice crisp 3.5 pound trigger job and it's ready to roll.
  13. Steve, there's no shortage of excellent posts on this forum about scoring, and some of them get pretty deep into the weeds. For a quick and easy to understand explanation, a quick google search came up with these: http://www.rbgc.org/USPSA/USPSAscoring.htm http://www.travis-tomasie.com/hit-factors-and-uspsa-ipsc-scoring.html
  14. Agree ZZT. Burn rate charts are interesting curiosities, but they don't have any real world application for handloaders. Ya gotta load 'em and shoot 'em over a chronograph to know what you're getting. Way too many variables in the chain.
  15. Hey Steve, there's an old saying: You can't shoot fast enough to make up for a miss. Take your time and go for A's. You'll be surprised how high you can place when you're not hosing. Speed will come.
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