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  1. Like you guys I too thought they were fired through a 45 barrel. However if you drop a 40 cartridge in a 45 (1911) barrel it will just fall out the end. mike
  2. Found these at the range day after the club's annual new years day machine gun shoot. Have no idea what they were shot out of, but sure do look roughed up. They are all Remington cases. mike
  3. My cousin found this brass at the range. I have been reloading for over 35 yrs. and have never seen anything like this. Indent on the primer appears to have been made by a Glock. What are your thoughts on the cause of this. Mike
  4. Anyone use them? Or even seen one.What did you think? Tried the AP 3x3. Very well made and pricey. The website picture looks real similar to the AP and can be had without attachment. Happen to have 2 tek loks.Thanks mike
  5. I am getting a 404 error page everytime I click on any of the pinned - stage library links. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have a link for multigun stages somewhere else? Needing some ideas for an up coming multigun match at our club. Thanks mike
  6. Forgot to add that the guy who owns the bullet casting business shot the 100% in limited but exempted himself from the prize. mike
  7. Wow you guys are fast. Thanks alot. This would have been a total nonissue except a local bullet caster offered a small prize to the winner of the open and limited divisions and guess who I have to sell this too? Yep the 2 guys in limited class who are competitive rivals. thanks mike
  8. Been doing the stats for our small USPSA club for a few years now and have always sent out the match results as finals all divisions. This month however I also showed the finals by division and noticed that they are not the same. In finals all divisons limited shooter- #1-165.4355 match pts. 56.026% #2-164.1096 match pts. 55.577% However in finals by division shooter- #2 shows 230.6006 match pts. 71.301% #1 shows 227.7707 match pts. 70.426% why is this so and who won? I am using EZWinscore 3.06. thanks mike
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