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  1. Hilltop123

    Recoil Spring question

    Thank you,gentlemen!
  2. Hilltop123

    Recoil Spring question

    Ok, someone school me! I have just purchased a 5" 9L as far as I know the 9L only comes in a 5". Anyway I am trying to tune this pistol, to run on my loads that I run in my XDm. While trying to find a replacement spring, I have noticed that most sites specify springs to a certain barrel length. I've found springs for barrel's 4.25", 4.50" and 4.75", I even found a site that claimed their springs with fit any 9mm M&P. What the hell am I missing? OK let the hazing begin! Thanks in advance
  3. Hilltop123

    Newbie from Washington

    LOL it just dawned on me after looking at "Patrick's You tube". My wife and I shot with you, up at Coyote Falls. It was nice meeting you. And thank you for the info on the shoot, I will try and make it.
  4. Hilltop123

    Newbie from Washington

    Thanks for the heads up. What are the requirements for the shoot? Ammo count? Caliber restrictions?
  5. Hilltop123

    Newbie from Washington

    Hello, I finally joined the forum after lurking for a bit, albeit was earlier this year looking for 650xl information. I have never shot a steel challenge or 3 Gun event, but am looking forward to trying. The hardiest part for me so far is just finding a shoot that is not clear across the state, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to mining this forum for all it's gems.