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  1. Wow, that's scary, Thankful you didn't get hurt. I've loaded about 10k rounds on my 650 and never (knock on wood) had one go off. I'd love to know more detail about how this happened so I can try to avoid it also what does Dillon say about this and their recommendation especially if this has happened so far.
  2. Thanks Brassaholic13, that a great reference and I'm going to bookmark the page for future reference.
  3. Thats good to know, my wife just got a new .380 from Santa and she really likes shooting it. On the plus side I have more .223 brass to process than I want to think about. Does anyone have a cross reference chart to cross all these different combinations?
  4. i've been using Ballistic AE on my iphone and it works great and recomendit to everyone
  5. It is true. Caliber Conversion Kit-wise, to convert from 45 to 260, you will need: 13541 Casefeed Adapter - Black 13661 Casefeed Arm Bushing - White 12870 Powder Funnel Y - 260/6.5/264 Rifle Thanks for the clairity I'm guessing I can order this through the store on this site correct? Also, Phil McLaine says hello and thank you.
  6. I actually went and put a 260 case into the 45 shell plate and it seemed to fit correctly but I don't know if I was missing something. I checked the Dillon site and the 260 isn't even listed there yet. I'll check what you listed above.
  7. Hi all, I just learned of this forum from another board. Seems to be lots fo good information here. I"ve been loading on a 650 for quite awhile. I typically load .40 and .45 on the 650. I want to start loading for a Rem 260 so I called Dillon about what parts I need. The first time I called I was told the shell plate for the .45 was the same for the 260. The 2nd time I called I was told it was not. Does anyone know if this is true?
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