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  1. cool thanks for all the sage wisdom guys. Still got some thinking to do but I think im going to give the cmc a go. cant wait to get the build done and start running it.
  2. Im trying to decide what trigger to put in my new build. Not really liking the idea behind the 2 stage trigger I don't like having take up in my triggers. So im narrowing my search for a single stage. My friend is running the cmc flat 3.5 and I fondled it last month and it felt really great and the price is right, but from reading around I finding allot of reports of it wearing out and double or triple firing. I looking to get some thing that is a good quality trigger but will last the test of time, haven't got to feel the break on any others but im guessing that any high end single stage trigger is going to feel great and at most take a lil getting used to. Anyone running the cmc that has a loads of rounds with no problems. I was really looking at the timmey also but it is almost double the price but if its something that will last twice as long how much it costs isn't a problem. Im open to any or all suggestions but would really like to hear from people that have a butt load of rounds through theres with no problems. Also im not sure but will a 2 stage trigger be more long time durable. Thanks for any help fellas im sure this has been over before so thanks for bearing with me.
  3. Don't lie Lou you know those stickers live on your jm there required to id u as a rainbow tactical shooter. Lol I'll buy your jm for 350 =). Honestly seems like they were selling like hot cakes everywhere I was looking a few months ago.
  4. Do yourself a favor n get the versa max or really treat yourself n get the Benny hill vm. You know it made you feel special when you fondled mine at the match last month.
  5. Nice to hear. Sounds like they have a good group of people working there from every interaction ive had so far. Look forward to my first match with it.
  6. Got a email a few weeks ago and it went about saying it in a really nice way but I read it as we know were loosing allot of shooters cause of the rule changes but we really don't care cause we have gained allot in the last few years. I know I only started a year ago and Im done wonder how many other feel the same. Ive always thought some of the rules were kinda dumb but was still fun and didn't install any bad habits great practice to draw from concealment but not moving while behing cover is not a habit I want to form. That single rule change killed the game for me, and im sorry but no matter how hard they want to be different from uspsa its a game plain and simple. Seems they really don't give two squits a piss about loosing members though. Good riddance good thing there are many of other shoots out there to partake in.
  7. Was hard decision to make to drop that much $ on a shotgun, but man am I excited to get the thing in. Got the the vera max tactical with the 10 round tube and the full treatment. Anyone one else running this gun with soild results. Benny was a really nice guy to deal with also took the time to ansewer a bunch of my stupid questions. Hoping to get use it feb match at wnpl.
  8. I didn't look everyday but ive been waiting almost a year for the titanium striker to come back in stock, got one on the way. Already have the match trigger and titanium striker safety, and extended grip safety. Right now my trigger is right around 3.25 very nice cant wait to see what the striker does with it.
  9. I think what excludes it is the match trigger has a over travel stop that is visible on the outside of the gun. Externally visible modifications other than those listed in the Permitted Modifications section. Honestly there is only like 1-2 sec difference in qualification times between esp and ssp why not just go in esp and have some fun with your gun? That's what I figured anyway. With the match trigger and titanium striker safety and spring my trigger is 3.25lbs with zero pre or over travel and hardly any take up and a very nice break. I have a striker on the way as well look forward to seeing what it does to already very nice trigger. And since your in esp go ahead and throw a extended grip safety and a pistol gear mag well on there.....If your gonna be in esp make it count hu? Its funny when people at matches talk about how nice there trigger is stock n I have em dry fire mine they go wow. lol theres no comparison.
  10. Shot at a local match last weekend and they were saying that you cannot reload while moving behind cover period. From looking around a bit and reading the rules its kinda hard to understand some people are saying its just no tactical reloads while moving behind cover. I got a penitly while reloading a slide lock on the move behind cover. So... anyone know what it really is? I cant wrap my mind around why you would not be able to reload a slide lock on the move behind cover. If this is really a rule what is the reasoning behind it?
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