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  1. Stay in the fight brother. I agree that trigger time is the best therapy for me to deal with this cancer shit... it is a zen, a meditation. Regardless if I tank a match or not, I still have fun. Wouldnt suck to climb up the scoreboard though. As far as your eyesight, really focus on a good, dark pair of sunglasses... just as you are more likely to sunburn due to chemo, you are more likely to get sunblindness (temporary washout). Playing around with color contrast lenses might help. I found that I could no longer focus on my green front sight, so i switched the fiber optic to red and my sight picture is worlds sharper. I need to get on the hydration thing you mention... I have been slacking in that aspect
  2. Well said. The docs all approach me thinking I need therapy and a shrink to deal with my mortality... I tell them that I have therapy in the form of trigger time Awesome to hear you beat it! Good shooting, brother
  3. Holy shit Marty! Sounds like you have been through some shit. Glad to hear you decided to ignore and deny the statistics. I am the guy who just started open major division USPSA (having only shot production before) two matches ago... it is fricking ego-checking! Neuropathy is an evil f*#king thing... I worked closely with my oncologist to try to limit the oxal before it spread too far. Probably the only reason I only lost feeling in the feet and booger hooks. Awesome to hear you hit the area 5 match... I am signed up for the area 7... we will see how that turns out I might start specially requesting to split up bigger match days if I can't handle it. Sucks to have to step down from a match... just had to this past saturday, and many more before it. However, health and safety is more important. Probably not a good idea to run ourselves into the ground anyways.
  4. I have it from my hip down on my left side, mid thigh down on my right.. and from the wrist down on the hands (mostly on the palm side), One thing I learned.. everyone is different.. while I can't remember most of the 2nd half of last year, I know people who still have full 'chemo brain' 6 months after chemo. I think I still have a little, could be just in my head too. Hope the feeling comes back... the doc told me my feeling MIGHT eventually come back or might be permanent. As far as chemo brain, it definitely comes and goes in waves... when it is hitting hard, it makes it a bitch to game a plan to attack a stage; ultimately making me "wing it"
  5. I did the oxaliplatin for 6 months and a different one during HIPEC... now on irrenotecin (spelling?). I have a double port... I think I will frame it on my wall if I no longer need it. I hear you on the loss of strength. I got stupid motivated last night and went for a run with a headlamp... first run in over 13 months. I managed 2.4 admittedly slow miles. Felt good... although my joints are killing me today. I will have to heal up about a month more before I can safely do any pushups or situps. I have had many recommendations for the training regimen in the book "Convict Conditioning", which I now have... it is basically a book on personal rehab exercises. I like your suggestions on the grip strengthener and 3lb weight. I am going to start that ASAP. Sounds like you were hit with the neuropathy much worse than me... just my feet and fingertips I can't feel. Trigger time does help... I am good on accuracy if I really take my time, but I can't rush it like I used to. As far as shotgun reloads... forget about it... that shit is hard enough when I can feel my fingers. I am just going to have to take the extra seconds to get those shells stuffed in the tubes securely. Thanks for the advice. Happy shooting!
  6. You are absolutely right... these days it is slow and accurate or fast and maybe. I used to be able to do the fast and accurate thing a bit better. Maybe I can shoot for getting the least amount of points down instead of the lower times
  7. My nerves in my feet and fingers haven't really allowed my feeling to return... six months since the other drug, oxaliplatin, that caused it. Might be permanent. How long did it take for your leg to regain feeling? I here you about the chemobrain... sometimes it feels like I have been eating lead paint chips as a kid ('Tommy Boy' reference). Yeh... I just go to the matches for fun and socialization these days... placement isn't even feasible.
  8. absolutely! I have bowed out of more matches than I would have liked in interest of maintaining safety. Medication, mental acuity, balance, awareness, etc. must be taken into account.
  9. Been dealing with stage IV colon cancer for over a year now. I still try to compete in IDPA and USPSA. Between multiple surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo, it seems my skills have been stagnant or worsening. Anyone else dealing with something like this? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Things like neuropathy (the killing/numbing of nerves) in the fingers make it harder to safely, accurately, and fastly pull a trigger. Sunburn easily. Easily tired (sometimes I feel like a turd, because I am not johnny on the spot when it comes to pasting targets). Mental clarity is reduced (chemo brain). While I do appreciate "support" (such as "keep fighting, you can do it"), I am not really looking for it here. I am more concerned about hearing from others in similar situations and any practical advice (not interested in hearing conspiracy theories about the oncological industrial complex and how I should be juice cleansing). Anyways, appreciate it in advance. Keep shooting!
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