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  1. Only thing better than one flatty trigger - is two flatty triggers!
  2. Thank you sir, sear was installed incorrectly. This is the first time I removed any of that stuff.
  3. I did know I had to convert it to SAO, did some quick research and removed the interrupter from the hammer - now however I canot get the trigger to release the hammer... Did I do something wrong?
  4. Yes sir, it is crazy. Definitely not finding deals on off roster guns in Cali. Nice to know I'm not alone out here.
  5. So, I am stranded in California. I got my hands on a Stock I in trade, really wanting a Stock II but they are selling for 1750 around here. On this forum is seems like most of the love is for the II & III's and I don't see any pictures of the custom Stock I's. So if you have Custom Stock I - Post a picture!! Let me see it!!
  6. Thanks for the heads up - I'll take a look at them. I ended up ordering the henning medium reach and a Dawson front sight.
  7. Awesome, thanks for help. I'd get the Stock II for the squared trigger, magwell compatibility and full dust cover but we can't get any Tanfoglios in state anymore. Price of living on the beach i guess.
  8. Hello from California, I have a Stock 1 in .40 and I'm looking to install a flat trigger. Not entirely sure which one yet, but I'm curious how hard the install is on the tanfoglio triggers. I've assembled AR lowers and replaced my M&P trigger with an Apex flaty but that is the extent of my gunsmithing experience. Also, is there a magwell option for the Stock 1? Thanks for the help
  9. Do it! The Apex trigger completely transforms the gun.
  10. They look fun! of course, in cali we can't have threaded barrels so it is more difficult to pull off. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Good point! I'm taking the red dot out for the first time tonight.
  12. Anybody modding their performance center pistols? Adding more ports? more slide lightening, cerakote, aftermarket barrels or TiN coatings specifically to the ported performance center models? I have a Apex flat trigger, Jpoint dot, magwell and am considering whats next. What is everybody else doing?
  13. Thanks for all the info everybody. I've scheduled to do the transfer this weekend. Yay me!
  14. Thanks for the feedback, that is exactly what i wanted to hear. I do like the look of the full dust cover, so that is the only major drawback. Do most parts that fit the Stock 2 also fit the stock 1? It seems like they do but then i noticed the a magwell upgrade specifically said stock 2 with the square trigger guard. Are the mags interchangeable?
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