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  1. Finally put my gear together (Para TTR, Mossberg JM Pro, Benny Hill Fat Free). Hope to get out to the range soon to try them out as a set. Can't believe how time has flown and I haven't made it to a match! D'oh!
  2. Like a bunch of people in here, I am retired US Army. Missing the adrenaline so moving in the 3-gun direction (been trying to get to a match for 2 years, really making that a priority in 2015!). Now I make video games. Yep. Tons of fun, nobody shooting at me (well, not with real bullets!), and it pays pretty darn well.
  3. Welcome! I'm brand new here too, and also in Austin. Where did you order your JM Pro and when will it get here? That's exactly what I am looking for as well!
  4. Hey, thanks! I watched a couple of stages at Liberty Hill last Saturday. I definitely agree about the .223. I went to Red's yesterday and put a few rounds downrange and decided on the Baby Eagle - the Taurus doesn't drop free reliably and the mag release is tiny. If only the Baby Eagle had a frame safety instead of a hammer-drop on the slide it would be perfect (although I am still in the market for a Para P18.9 I think). I'm hoping to find a shotgun soon, as well as a steady supply of ammo for everything! My only concern with the CR rig is retention - if it will hold up running, I may pick it up.
  5. Hi! I've never shot in any kind of match but I've been shooting for over 30 years (retired army - 23 years) and I'm considering getting into 3-gun, just because it looks like a lot of fun and it's a great excuse to keep my "practical tactical" skills up to speed. I'll need a lot of practice, and I'll have a lot of questions. Thanks in advance for answering them, even though I am sure you've answered them a hundred times... Chris First n00b questions (and yes, I have read up on some of these on the forums already and have a few threads bookmarked, but I am looking for specific comparisons and opinions on these items specifically): Is light weight/speed/short length more important than long-range accuracy in a rifle? I am considering one of my AR-15s (M4 or TTR) or my AR-180 for this. Is 9mm +P considered a minor power in an AR or does it have to be 5.56mm? I'm fine either way, but trying to find affordable ammo these days is ridiculous (and although I have plenty of brass, I am out of powder, primers, and bullets for 5.56mm, and it looks like there's no relief in sight for reloading either!). I'm going with 9x19mm for pistol, even though I carry a .45 daily, both because of ammo costs and faster recovery time between shots. I'm torn between one of my Baby Eagle/Jericho pistols (very accurate, but slide decocker), my Taurus PT-92 (frame safety, but a bit beat up), or buying a Para Ordnance 18.9 (my regular carry gun is a Para LDA .45 ACP and I love it), if I can find one, mainly for the larger magazine. Thoughts? I haven't owned a shotgun in years, but my last ones were Mossbergs (500 and 590). I am considering the Mossberg JM Pro, assuming I can find one. Is that a decent gun for matches? Thinking about the CR Speed A holster and rig. Transitions and reloading are probably the biggest time sucks in the match, right? So a faster rig is better, or does it matter?
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