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  1. Trigger in with slide off functions 100% and feels great! But with slide on I can not rack the slide to the rear? It binds? Help please
  2. In Canada Tanfoglio LC mags are $90 a piece
  3. fit in M&P 45 pistols I wonder if the MP45 mag could be adjusted to hold .40? I do not have my Tanfoglio in hand yet to see if the M&P mags fit it might be a cheaper option for mags
  4. ceracote that bad boy
  5. so I have parts for a CZ TS..... will the springs work?
  6. they get modded or pinned before they get to the dealers
  7. only issue is they wont ship to canada ( we have a stupid 10 round limit)
  8. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/9-110603these?
  9. it will be my 3gun and IPSC standard pistol in 40 I have heard they dont like factory ammo. this scares me lol I also have a pile of lead bullets and have heard its a no go in this barrel
  10. I was waiting on a CZ TS to come in and was told another 90days......so I found a Limted custom!! and went that route so School me in this awesome pistol
  11. jamie213

    TS slide stop?

    I know I will love this gun I just dont wanna see the slide fly down range
  12. jamie213

    TS slide stop?

    if they break all the time why is there not one made better to replace it? like a tool steal shaft or something? I am coming from shooting a M&Ppro that went 13+k rounds without any parts breaking
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