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  1. Send an email to to tennille@3gunnation.com She'll hook you up.
  2. If anyone needs some Fiocchi 7/8oz low recoils slugs, let me know. I can sell a few boxes no problem. We'll be there by 2 or 3 Thusday.
  3. Looked like more than 5 degrees to me. If he'd broken the 180 in the lane and not through the port what would the right call have been? This is a top level pro, not an 11 year old in his first match...
  4. That stage had problems. A pro was allowed to break the 180 by 30 or so degrees by concent of the ROs.
  5. Cool, it's very fun. The random draw prize table is an issue for some. But, for a first major it's a great match....
  6. There were only 30 slots left a week after they opened it to retuning shooters. We are not shooting it this year, so I don't have access to squading info, but I suspect it's sold out or extremely close to it.
  7. Congrats on a match that is getting nothing but outstanding reviews. Hope to see you next year...
  8. What is the best hotel in Granbury? They all have similar reviews. Do you guys have a favorite based on experience? Clean rooms and strong AC are the major criteria...
  9. I don't have both, but the Sphinx with the small grip is totally doable for small hands. It puts my finger on the trigger in the perfect spot for accurate hits, SA or DA
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