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  1. Let's get the provisional rules drafted and give it a try. Let the market decide. I agree with be's comment about not having a place in our sport for the guns that gave birth to it. The free market works every time it's tried. Let's give it a chance and let the shooters decide. If the idea has merit, the 1911 SS division will survive. If not, we gave it a chance.
  2. Well, the sponsor invitation packages are finally in the mail Phil. The solid precip over last weekend kinda put a kink in getting them to the post office. We really appreciate all the fine support our sponsors have provided. Working hard to come up with another set of challenging stages and have already match tested a few. And Chuck, if you're around Altanta during the week, come on over and shoot with us indoors at GPSL on any Wednesday evening. Dirsctions and info at: Gwinnett Practical Shooting League. Last night we had a record crowd of 51 shooters and shot 2 of the new classifiers. And yes, JFD we do put on a great match at Cherokee every month. Can't pass up an opportunity to brag about my outdoor club either. See y'all down here in GA in August, Headshot
  3. I heard a lot of nice complements from shooters during and after the match and I just finished reading all the congratulatory posts here. The Georgia Section has long been known for outstanding participation and my home club (Cherokee) was a glowing example of it this past weekend. It took a large number of volunteers to RO and do all the other things necessary to put on an event this large, so it's nice to hear good things back from the shooters who came. Now tell all your shooting buddies that didn't come to make plans for 2005. Who knows, the insanity may last long enough for us to do it again next year. Thanks to all who came to play with us.
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