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  1. Does anyone have any experience with a Savior 3 Gun Bag? It’s the highest rated on Amazon with a inexpensive price tag.
  2. Finally getting around to ordering a mount for my C more. Going with LaRue QD 104. Is it 1” or 30mm?
  3. My C3 showed up on Friday and I'm super excited to get outside and work it out . With the high today a balmy -8 it's going to have to warm up a bit. Matt and Tony I have a question about the brightness settings. There are as you know 11 settings with 11 being very bright. However can you guys see 1&2? 3 is very dim and 4 is easily visible. Is this how your scopes work? I changed the battery but it was the same. I'm fine with the selections 4-11 but I don't want a lemon.
  4. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and bought the C-more C3 scope. It's my first variable power scope, as I'm just getting into 3 gun, and just got my first AR a few months ago. I'm being told shooting sports like 3 gun and USPSA is like crack cocaine, once you start you can't stop. Matt and Tony I read your posts in the other C3 topic on mounts. Did you guys go with a STD height or go for a high mount? My AR is an Armalite M153gun. It has a Luth stock, which has the adjustable cheek weld. I'm a newbie to all of this, and want to buy the right thing, the first time. I easily have 20 hours of research into which scope to buy. Maybe I can save some time . Thanks to anyone who has feedback to help me with my purchase. Happy Holidays!!!
  5. Hey one more question about the C-more what is the warranty like on the C3? I'm looking at their site and can't find any term of the warranty???
  6. I have the C-more loaded in the cart ready to order. I wish there were more reviews out there. I've been waffling between the PST gen 2 and the Steiner P4xi and of course the C3. Is there even a debate between these three with the c-more down to $815? What mount is working well for this scope? Thanks for any input anyone can add.
  7. Guys thanks fore the great input. I will definitely look at the multi-gun sections for what's already written.
  8. I need some feedback from some experienced 3 gunners. I am just getting into 3 gun. I have a Glock 34, Mossberg 930 JM, and an Armalite M153GN 18”.However I’m struggling with which optic to purchase. I have done many hours of research, and watched lots of video’s on YouTube. My question is what is the most important factor, Glass or magnification? You all started at some point , over the years how do most shooters evolved with reticle? I have researched Primary arms Vortex Strike Eagle and Burris RT6. Do you wish you would have spent more to begin with, like Steiner P4xi or Vortex Viper. I’m having some heartburn with going all in right away with a Razor. Guys I would greatly appreciate your experiences and feedback. Thanks in advance. Jim
  9. Guys thanks for the advice. To answer one question it is my strong hand. I went to the doctor last Friday. Diagnosis is the same as others have had on this board. Rest, ice, massage, and don't do anything that aggravates it. This sucks!!! It's spring in Minnesota and this is the season I'm most active. Golf for one that doesn't hurt too much and this summer I was -am going to do IDPA. If this doesn't work in a month the doc wants to shoot me up and go to occupational therapy. I'm not crazy about the cortisone. Again thanks for the feedback I need to go ice.
  10. I recently have developed pain in my elbow, the outside bone similar to tennis elbow. I'm thinking I may be gripping the gun to tight. Has anyone else had this? Any tips please?
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