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  1. It was the 130 gr PCC stuff that didn’t lock the bolt back. I had no cycling issues at all. First round or two didn’t load right, but that was before it had ever been fired.
    For our game, the LRBHO isn’t really an issue. I saw it as possibly symptomatic of not enough lubrication.

  2. I have a new MPX 16” Gen 2 PCC. Took it to the range to dial, in the optic.

    Wow, it is super accurate. Took only a few of 5-shot groups to get it set.

    The LRBHO didn’t happen with the Syntech. It did with my CO loads. Is this normal for the Syntech, or do I need to run my MPX wetter than it is?

    It was really fun shooting it!


  3. I have a Gen 3 G17 SJC open gun that I built up from a frame.
    I built it because I wanted to try out open. I started out shooting minor and then, by changing recoil spring, shifted to major. I picked up a couple of 170mm mags from the classifieds and have one or two extended mags.

    It has run without issue. It is not the slickest, prettiest beast, but she’s reliable and shoots true. She’s become a safe queen and backup, giving way to a CK 2011

    Why did I switch? I never got used to the grip angle and I wanted something that fit my hands better.

    My G17 cost less than half of the CK. Mags are a whole other discussion. It was a good path for me. I called it “cheap open” before Carry Optics came along.

  4. 17 hours ago, benos said:

    That is definitely not correct. I get replies from my guy every day. They are now working in the ACP... One issue is - Since the forums are hosted in IP's cloud, they can not have FTP access.

    OK, I understand that you are being communicated with about the ticket. They have told you that they cannot duplicate the problem.


    Being an old software guy, I took that as a personal challenge. I created a new id on the forum with a different email address than the forum has. I loaded Tapatalk on an old iPad that belonged to by better half. Everything new, no leftover stuff from anything before. Guess what? I log into the BE Forum under the new id, go to the classifieds, and the topic list stops at the same place as the iPad I've been using all along.


    Want to take this offline? Fine by me. Feel free to PM and I'll share the particulars of the test scenario. I also stand by my offer to assist Tapatalk and/or Invision.

  5. Brian,

    If they can't reproduce the problem and we have many that can demonstrate it, they aren't trying very hard, or they're not playing with the same hardware/software environment that we are. I use tapatalk to access 11 forum groups. Your forum is the only one that exhibits this problem. What I initially reported, it seems, is only the tip of the iceberg and I don't think they're being straight with you. 

    That said, I will be more than happy to work with them to try to fix their code. It is clearly not perfect. 

  6. Brian, there’s something really funny about what tapatalk is doing.
    It used to be that we’d get the spinner, indicating that it was waiting for more data.
    Now, we don’t get the spinner at all. Seems like tapatalk thinks it’s got all of the data there is.

  7. For (1), I used a piece of coathanger wire, bent it around the bolt ( on the right side ) and pulled the case plunger back. Then I bent the wire around the back of the case plunger case. When I want stop feeding cases, I hook the wire around the bolt with the handle down and slip it around the housing. Plunger stays back and no more cases feed.

  8. Brian,
    It looks like you’re using a browser at tapatalk.com
    I’m using their app on an iPad or iPhone. Others use the android app. The screenshot I sent was my initial view in the app. I looked at the web page, and didn’t see a way to get where I was without the app.
    As I said earlier, the cache clear didn’t make it any better.
    Try the app. I think you’ll find the same issue.

    You want to "pick nits" this was an IPSC match so the command is Load And Make Ready, unless it is an unloaded start.

    I apologize. I glossed right over the IPSC designation in the original post..
    I stand corrected.

  10. There have been several examples in this thread. I don’t mean to pick nits, but the command is ‘Make Ready’. Think about what happens in an unloaded start...

  11. From the original scenario, the shooter was still at “Make Ready”. The RO did go off script. If he had restarted the shooter with MR, then a DQ might have been appropriate, but...
    Bogus DQ, in my humble opinion.

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