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  1. Matt O


    Do you think an after market hammer is worth upgrading (understanding it would not be production-legal at this time)? Or is the stock hammer good enough with the short reset kit installed? My reference for comparison is an SP-01 (non-shadow) with a shadow hammer.
  2. Considering the general availability of CZ's these days (or lack thereof), I can only imagine how quickly these disappear. Thanks for the response!
  3. In doing some research, it appears the Shadow thin safeties (OEM part #: 10911224) would fit standard non-Shadow SP-01's. Is that correct? And secondly, are these safety sets still being manufactured? I can't to find them for sale anywhere.
  4. Thanks very much for all the replies. I'm glad to hear Aguila brass is good to go!
  5. I'm hoping to get started with reloading sometime in the next couple months (whenever the 550 I ordered last week ends up coming in) and I have been saving my brass for a while as prep. Of the brass that I’ve saved up, I’ve probably got about 4-5k of Aguila brass (along with various other mixed brands). In researching brass quality and reload-ability, I seem to be seeing somewhat mixed reviews for Aguila – some people won’t reload with it and others say it’s decent brass that can be reloaded quite a few times. So, what’s the deal with Aguila – is it good to go or not? And if not, why not and what problems did you encounter with it?
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