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  1. I am thinking of trying ICORE Classic. Is a S&W 686 4" allowed. It has a full lug underneath, but it is part of the barrel and is not a modification.
  2. Barry Dueck was told he was using the wrong equipment before the match ended. He was again told at the banquet before the awards were handed out. He still accepted the title and walked the prize table. Barry Dueck is a dishonorable man, nothing changes that. We move on from here with a stain on our sport he created.
  3. Trying to pigeon hole the individuals's conduct into an existing rule, or blame the overworked staff for what happened is inappropriate in this case and is not what I see as the main issue here. This is a man without honor, totally lacking the qualities we want our sport to project. He should be treated accordingly.
  4. I cannot seem to find a Cat Tail for my non-illuminated VX-6 1-6, anybody know who, or who is going to make one?
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