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  1. You can give SJC a call. Steve was very informative and can break down the whole process. Check out their website. I think the CCF frame costs an extra $150 to work on due to the oversized locking block. I was looking to setup a carry piece but they are geared for competition. I believe they may be the only ones building CCF competition guns from the ground up. You can also talk to KKM in the fall. I believe Kevin said he would start fitting CCF frames to their barrels then.
  2. As far as recoil goes, I've noticed a good bit of difference in recoil that I've felt while shooting my CCF G22 vs my G22. I have my CCF set up with the 1911 grip. I too was worried about the lack of flex in the stainless frame but I enjoy shooting 40sw out of my CCF much more than my Glock frame. I believe it feels more like a 9mm with the stainless frame. I'm curious how the aluminum frame might work.
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