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  1. SSS just confirmed that was correct installation
  2. I need some advice. I have a Speed Shooter Specialties Limited Magwell I'm installing in my MP Pro 9... well first off anyone who has installed one of these knows it's an arduous task getting the holes in the new takedown tool / grip retainer to line up. My question is... should the new takedown tool / grip retainer be installed with the flat side facing the magazine (Like factory) or with the curved portion facing magazine. Currently I have the flat portion facing magazine like the factory but when I insert my magazine with Taylor Freelance extension... the magazine rattles a little. If I install it with curved portion facing magazine it hold slight tension on magazine and it doesn’t rattle.. Which way is correct? I'm assuming the way that mimics the original takedown tool?
  3. A friend of mine brought me his Glock 19C to put a drop in ZT Fulcrum Trigger in. Seems easy enough, I took the old one out, put in the new one... When I put it back together, it got rid of a lot of the pretravel the factory had... But the takeup almost feels like something is rubbing against plastic or something? It's just not smooth at all... I'll be the first to admit, I dont have any experience with what these triggers are 'suppose' to feel like... but is this normal? I even tried replacing the factory connector... no difference? Any ideas?
  4. The only reason I was considering maybe a 260 was possibly loading up some light bullets so I could use the gun as a varmint rifle... I'm not sure if the twist is setup to handle the lighter bullets though... I appreciate the input
  5. Let me as ask you guys this... what are your opinions of the 308 vs 260 Rem? I had just assumed I'd stick with 308, but it sounds like bigbrowndog has some good experience with the 260. I hadn't really even considered that route, but I'll keep and open mind... as I said I have zero experience with 260s... Thoughts?
  6. Is it possible to get the smaller brake with the medium contour barrel? I wasn't sure how the diameter of the 308 medium contour would compare to the medium contour 223? I'm assuming the outer diameter is the same since the hand guard is the same diameter. Well that could explain why he hasn't answered my emails... Last I spoke with anyone from JP he is who I talked to... So i just assumed... Maybe I'll give them a call tomorrow to check about spec'ing one out. Are there any LE discounts or deals available? Last time I ordered direct but I have a line on a dealer that might be able to get at slightly discounted rate but not sure yet.. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back from Brock at JP about a quote, but I think I'm going with a 20" barrel (special barrel length) to match my CTR-02
  8. Hard to argue with that, especially out of a semi-auto 308 platform! Pretty sure I'm going to order one as soon as I sell my M21
  9. What kind of accuracy can you get out of it?
  10. As the title explains I'm wanting some opinions on the LRP-07. I have a CTR-02 and love the gun....obviously JP makes phenomenal guns and I don't expect anyone to say anything negative about them... I'm really wanting some reviews on accuracy and ammo / bullet weight recommendations. How good do they really shoot? I have a Springfield M21 Tactical rifle and I love the gun, but here recently I've been debating about selling and ordering a LRP to match my CTR What do you all think?
  11. I ordered a 617 recently and had planned on sending to S&W Performance Center to have the (S&W factory wire brush scratch finish) either polished or bead blasted matte as well as an action tune... Recently I found out that the Performance Center does not do any action tuning for 22 revolvers? Not sure why? So I was thinking about sending to Apex Tactical to have action tuned... Does anyone have experience with them for S&W revolver tuning? I'm wanting the trigger pull definitely lightened but I've read various stories about when you lighten triggers on the 617 you can run into light primer strikes? I've also read depending on the gunsmith they recommend using snap caps and not dry firing them as well? On their website they have different action level packages for revolvers but it looks like there is only one package available for 22 LR revolvers. http://www.apextactical.com/services.php Any advice or experience would be appreciated
  12. staudacher, very nice design! I would be interested when you get them finished! Are you going to make both black and silver ones?
  13. I don't usually venture over the the Glock forum side very often but a coworker of mine was asking some advice on the Glockworx Fulcrum Trigger Kits, so I figured you guys would have some helpful insight into them. I noticed on their sight http://www.glockworx.com/Default.aspx they have kits / trigger bars / deluxe kits / etc... I'm not sure what the difference is in all of them. If anyone has them or is using them, I would appreciate some recommendations / opinions about them
  14. Thanks guys, went with a 15 pound and works awesome!
  15. The .285x.100 was just too narrow for my taste in sight pictures.. although I could sight it in, the rear sight was also about 1/10th of an inch off the slide. I ordered the .265x.125 and love it! Wider front sight and my rear sight sets lower and looks much better. I still even have room for adjustment. On side note, I'm selling my original .285x.100 F/O if anyone is interested
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