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  1. 2 new magazines were delievered to me today. They looked great. I loaded both with 15 rounds and had no problems. I took them to the range and ran them fully loaded through my 9MM Match and had no nosedive problems. I shot 50 rounds of new 124gr FMJ and 150 rounds of 115gr FMJ reloads and everything fed and cycled perfect. I'm looking foward to using this pistol more. My EAA Match has been a range and practice pistol only. I'm looking forward to using my 9MM Match in some Pratical Pistol matches at my local Gun Club. Thanks Henning and Emma Bryan Yorktown Virginia
  2. Henning, This is great news. My 9MM Match has been limited to just fun shooting at the range. It always goes along because it is my daughters favorite gun to shoot. Now we can start using it to it's full potential; instead of limiting how many rounds we load into the magazine. I look forward to using it during some of our club's practical pistol competitions. Good running mags and that new rear sight that's needed and I think you'll see a lot of Match's started to be used. They are a great gun, a great value and a lot of fun to shoot.
  3. The new front sight sounds great. I have one of the old FO sights and more light would be a great addition. I also like that you are looking at a replacement for the LPA rear sight. Put me down for both of these items. They would be great additions to my 9MM Match.
  4. I agree I think a replacement for the LPA sight would be great. I would like to install a Bomar on my 9MM Match, but that is an expensive proposition.
  5. I have a 9MM Wtness Match. I have been reading been reading all of the threads on the 9MM rounds not feeding properly in the Large Frame Match. I have experienced this problem myself. One of the things I have been pondering is converting it to a .40. This seems to be a popular round for the Match and I haven't read of any feeding problems. My question is has anyone used one of the EAA conversion kits? At $299.00 would I be better off just purcahsing a .40 Match and hold onto my 9MM and hopefully a solution to the feeding problem will be resolved andd I'll have 2 really nice pistols. I'm really happy with the 9MM but loading it over 10 rounds can be a problem at times. I'd appreciate your opinion and any prior experience.
  6. I am entering a shooting competition at a local shooting club that does bowling pin shooting once a month. Their "Major" class is bowling pins set up bowling pins 16 inches from the front of the table. They give you 15 seconds to clear 5 pins. Should I go with the extra capacity of a .40 S&W caliber or just go .with 45acp and let the pins fall. I'd appreciate your input since I've only shot paper until now. I would appreciate any help. I have a 9MM Match that is good for the "Minor" class and I am thinking of getting a larger caliber EAA Match for the "Major" class.
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