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  1. DVC limited reliability

    DVC 3 gun here. Runs like a champ. Eats all factory ammo I've tried,no need for reloads
  2. Guide rod help please

    Dawson 1 piece is great in my experience. No issues
  3. New 2011 need opinions

    I'm at just over 1k rounds so far in my DVC 3gun. Not 1 single issue or malfunction, I absolutely love it. Placed 4/9 in my division and 12/25 overall in my first ever match. If I hadn't had a few mikes due to first time jitters I potentially would have been 2/9 in division and 6/25 overall. Was a blast and I think I'm hooked now.
  4. New 2011 need opinions

    I have a DVC 3gun and it's amazing. Will be shooting my first uspsa match next week with it
  5. New STI DVC 3-gun incoming

    Another 800 rounds without a hiccup after a 3 day day/night training class. Absolutely love it, and the only "problem" is that the 2 mags that came with the gun (black, possibly DLC coated?) don't drop free. The other STI mags I have (unfinished) drop perfectly. I'll call STI and see what they say
  6. DVC 3 Gun - Disassembly help needed

    It's a tool less guide rod wtf are u taking about. The post above you sums it up nicely. It may come apart like a regular 1911 but why not use the features built into the $2700 gun you just bought. Use it like it's meant to be used.
  7. New STI DVC 3-gun incoming

    This thing is great!! Ran about 350 rounds thru it without a hickup. Love it
  8. DVC 3 Gun - Disassembly help needed

    No paper clip needed for Dvc 3 gun
  9. DVC 3 Gun - Disassembly help needed

    Yes the bushing has a wrench and is fit super tight. Also has tool less guide rod
  10. Limcat vs SV

    What was the issue with your ammo? What gun?
  11. New STI DVC 3-gun incoming

    Glad to hear! Thanks for the input guys
  12. My first 2011 is here and I got to fingerbang it yesterday but its in MD jail for the 7 day waiting period. Anything special I need to know or any advice for a new 2011 guy? Ordered a few extra STI 140mm mags to go with it. STI assured me prior to ordering that it would run factory 9mm ammo, as I don't reload at this time. Also grabbed a Bladetech Perfect 10 DOH holster, which I was assured would fit.
  13. New DVC Issues

    Have a DVC 3 gun in jail awaiting release, hoping it doesn't have any issues. STI assured me it would run factory 9mm ammo just fine