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  1. Tips for Newbies

    I may be the newest of the newbies (you can still smell the plastic wrapper) and I have to say that the OP made some great points, and has had some wonderful additions along the way. My question is quite simply; should one take the RO exam early because they are less "tainted" by years of living under less than best practices and following that early influence, or because it is a powerful teaching tool? Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting some of you in the bull pen.
  2. Why Buy From Brian?

    Simply amazing customer service! That's why one should buy from Brian(aside from having a great name, not that I'm biased...). I ordered a tub of Slide Glide Friday morning, and it was in my mailbox this afternoon (the following Monday). I have never seen turnaround this fast, especially without having to pay extra for expedited shipping. You now have another dedicated new customer! Domo!
  3. Time to share some Iron Sight discoveries

    Amazing article! I have been kicking around the notion of changing my sights on my P226 as the stock night sights don't "feel comfy". It seems that I have a deal of difficulty picking up my front sight past 15 yards at the indoor range here; maybe it's something as simple as my eyes have ADD and need something to keep their attention. You have provided a great deal of insight and actually made me look in a different direction than I was thinking. I hope that Front Sight picks up your article, I just discovered them last week and am just gutted that all the First Family membership plans they talked about in the DVD are gone and some new plan is in the works, well I guess I can blow the tax return on ammo and a 1911 for my wife. Thanks again!