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Brass/Aluminium Magwell


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Hi folks,

shoot a polymer frame gun in Production & Standard, IPSC. Am looking to fit a magwell to my Standard gun, should I go light aluminium or heavy brass/steel?

Will the heavier magwell counteract a tungsten guiderod, or shoud I be adding weighty componants where possible, dispite location on the gun?

Cheers, Ando.

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Put weight wherever it makes the gun balance better for you.

I shoot a G35 in USPSA limited class and use both a Tungsten guide rod AND a brass mag well (Dawson's w/full back strap insert). A lot heavier than the stock gun, but still way lighter than the wide body STI/SV's. With both additions, I can drive the Glock faster than the wide bodies. YMMV.

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