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C-More repair


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Being of the tighten it till it strips out and back off 1/2 turn school of gunsmithing it was only a matter of time till my C-More couldn't take it any more. When I called service about my slide ride, David knew which screw had caused the problem, the windage lock screw. He informed me to just tighten it till it touches. Well I could bitch and moan that it should have been in big letters on the side of the sight, but since I bought it used and did read the instructions I can only blame me.

He said they could re-body it for me. I had heard about the aluminum body C-Mores, maybe they would be more robust for my allen wrench with a breaker bar experiments. He said buying a new aluminum body C-More would have a long wait because of a big Border Patrol order. However, he did have aluminum bodies in the repair shop. Cool, so I mailed my abused C-More Friday and today David called me that my aluminum re-bodied Slide Ride was ready. Wow, 5 days after I mailed it, it's ready to ship back. They could not have got it before Monday and by 11:00 AM Wednesday it's ready. I expected it to be weeks. Thanks David and C-More.

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