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Crimp geometry

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Well I had been contemplating a roll crimping project for my semi auto shotguns, a 940 JM Pro and a Beretta Xtrema.

Im not going to do this just yet.

After troubleshooting and inspection, I found that the 940 JM Pro likes shells that have a taper on the end.

Some of the shells I was using were made for the Browning Citori. It is fine with shells that have little taper, so I never really worried about it. The Xtrema is generally fine with those too. But the Mossberg likes the taper. I found this by using some factory shells and noting how much taper they had.

So I tweaked the cam adjustment on the MEC.

The shells have more taper and dry cycle fine now.

I will be using them in Sunday's match.

Im jazzed.

It is so rare that you get to cancel a project and save some bucks.



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