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I have a lonewolf freedom wolf frame, using their lower parts kit. With the slide fully assembled it will not go all the way back. If I remove the barrel and guide rod the slide will go on but won't come off without removing the cover plate and firing pin. I don't know what to do, this is my first 80% build

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Need to a picture of the top and a side view to see if there's anything additonal that needs to be cleaned up that's preventing 1) barrel and slide lockup in the front 2) Action hangup that's causing the slide not to move freely.


Take everything out, but leave the rails and test the slide movement. Look for basic hangups or drag marks.

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I had one of the first lone wolf serialized frames. I don’t remember exactly because it’s been so long, but I believe I had a very similar issue. Turned out the locking block (can’t remember if it was mine or theirs, guessing it was theirs) was out of spec just enough that it wouldn’t go into battery.


Took me awhile to figure that one out. I think had several lying around from other projects. I believe I use threw another one in and it went right in.


Sounds like you’re issue is a little different but might be worth a try?

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