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Shameless plug for the Inline Fabrication Roller Handle for my Square Deal B

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I know my 1990 SDB is a toy compared to some of Dillon's presses, but I never intended to load anything but pistol carts and it does a great job. Only I longed for a handle like on Dillon's higher power presses. I also have a single stage RCBS JR3 which had a stupid bicycle grip and I went looking for a mod for it and found Inline Fabrication and got rollers for both it (which I'm using for low volume revolver loads) and my SDB. The products came well packaged and installation was a snap. I'm an engineer, anal retentive and all I can say is I think Dillon should team up with these guys and offer it as an option on the SDB. Maybe selling in volume should shave the price a little since it wasn't exactly cheap, but what is cheap for handloaders today?

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