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MBF Pro and 44 SPL Coated RNFP

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I've run out of ideas here. I "think" what's happening is the bullet dropper bearings are snapping into the lube groove on the bullet. Basically, it will drop 2 or 3 bullets....then it won't "lift" up...the case moves up inside the dropper die without any resistance. I've played with the adjustment endlessly, no change. I've done the beveling on the dropper die itself. I've run it with the clip in the top and bottom, and with the bearings in both the top and bottom position. I put the DAA spring assembly on it. No change in operations. Working with Mark 7 support as well, but I think they are out of ideas. Am I dead in the water with this bullet style? Or is there something I haven't tried yet? Pic on the left is with toolhead bottomed out. You can see the top hasn't been pushed up at all. I could run another cycle, and it will work fine for 2 or 3 cycles...then do this again.  The bullet is a 200 grain Hi-Tek coated RNFP.  The dropper assembly is the MBF Pro 45/44.



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Solved!  Didn't get much interest here, but I'm updating the post just so if somebody else struggles later on, maybe it will help them.  After having conversations with the Mark Vii guys, and also getting put in touch with MBF tech support, I was basically told, "this combination ain't gonna work".  The MBF support guy flat out said that 44 caliber bullets were not 100% in the MBF dropper.  So, I bought a Hdy LnL bullet feeder in 44 caliber.  Turned down the tube out of the MBF switch so it would fit into the top of the Hornady dropper, and off we went.  Just did 4K without any issue.  Worked flawless. 




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