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XL750 failsafe relocation bracket

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Just wanted to post an update here on a project I put together a few months ago. Set out to find a way to run a bullet feeder in station 4 of the Dillon 750 without compromising the function of the failsafe rod or seeing to purchase alternative slide bars. I designed and printed a relocation bracket for the failsafe rod that allows the measure to be turned counter clockwise to clear the bullet drop. This otherwise needs to be achieved by buying a DAA short bar (why spend money if you dont have to) or converting over to the "old style" spring system (which introduces the possibility of double charging cases). I have about 1k rounds loaded with this current set up with 0 hiccups and it works well for me. From what I understand there may be an issue with running a powder check die if it is too tall based on a friends experience with this set up. Works great with the checker I use. 


Here are some pics of the set up 







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