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looking for a 'host' for my Mantis-X (P365XL dryfire training)


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I've been using a Mantis system on a CZ P01 (DA/SA) for dry-fire training. I just sold that pistol and have no other that can fire in DA mode.


I'd like to train with my Sig P365XL. As yet there are no dry-fire mags available. Not yet anyway - I'm pretty sure they'll eventually be a thing. 


I'd like to avoid having to re-rack the slide between shots. 


What I'm  after is a 'host' for my Mantis that I can use for practice. I'm considering a Sig CO2 P365 - it has simulated recoil and seems like it'd work. But people online say it's not very well made. I wouldn't be actually firing BBs (it's just for the Mantis) so accuracy isn't really important to me - just want a simulator.


I'm not married to the idea of my trainer being a 1:1 copy of my gun, but it would be nice.


Any thoughts here? Have any of you been down this road?





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