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Apex Evolution IV hammer for S&W Model 625 for IDPA


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There is an earlier thread about Apex "bobbed" hammers (I'm assuming the factory hammer with the spur removed). My question is whether the Apex Evolution IV hammer is IDPA legal for revolver.  I don't know if the Apex hammer discussed in that thread is the Evolution IV. Or if the IDPA rule (copied below) allows an aftermarket hammer or if it is meant to just allow a factory OEM hammer with the spur cut-off. This will be for a 625JM. Stock and Enhanced Revolver Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list):

      B. Action work to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is maintained (smoothing the trigger face, removing the hammer spur, use of over travel stop, conversion to DA only and addition of ball detent are considered action work and are permitted).


The link to Apex is: https://www.apextactical.com/k-l-frame-hammer-kit-1



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